Corporate Social Responsibilities

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Corporate Social Responsibilities

We at InoChem believe in the importance of the private sector contributing to creating a positive community impact aiming to elevate the quality of life of our community for this and future generations. Therefore, we are committed to support the efforts and initiatives of the public and private sectors in this regard.

CSR is our initiative designed for our business self-regulation purposes to contribute to societal goals of strategic and philanthropic acts by engaging in ethical practices based on the four (4) elements: Employees, Customers, Society, and Sustainability, expanded upon below:


We play a major role in supporting Saudi economy and local content as well as decreasing the unemployment rate by creating jobs.

We create employment opportunities in Ras Al-Khair. Our operation provides internships, supports, and cooperates in the engagement of educational programs for the local community. This positive contribution is rewarded and valued by our community.


Listening to the interests of our stakeholders is key in boosting our incorporation within our community and growing our business.

We started at an early stage of our project with open and transparent communication between our local communities and governments, which we identify as key stakeholders. We focus on the importance of engaging resources from the local community. In committing to delivering the best products to our customers, we promise to support our local community.


Our organized methodology to create local value is a major competitive advantage over others. We focus on improving both operational excellence and reputation to guarantee our business sustainability.


One of the goals of InoChem is to help our community grow and prosper. As a responsible company, we establish and maintain robust relationships with our surrounding communities. These relationships are based on joint recognition, respect, trust, and, eventually, mutual value.

We are driven by our vision, mission, and core values to help and support our community to prosper. It energizes us to create meaningful value in every task we do and to go beyond our walls because we know we are an integral part of this community.

Our responsibilities extend to our communities. We make every effort to be a valued neighbour through our effective engagement and benchmark business practices.

We appreciate input and feedback from our community and work on opportunities to provide time and resources to play a major role in the growth of the community.

Social commitment is part of our DNA and core values. As a company, we aim to create value for our community that goes beyond our own growth targets.

We aim to cultivate positive developments of society.