At InoChem, we understand we have not inherited this planet. We have merely borrowed it from the next generations, which is why sustainability is an endeavour running on a day-to-day basis throughout all aspects of our business. It spurs us to push the limits of creativity and technology to implement meaningful solutions to our challenges while being a consistent contributor to KSA economy. We embrace sustainability to reduce the impact upon the environment by waste minimization and recycling maximization. We measure the effects our business has on our environment and on society at large. Sustainability is our balancing right between EHSS, equity, and the economy.

Quality and variety of InoChem finished products, packaging, and delivery are driven by customers’ expectations and needs. InoChem packaging materials quality follows the international standards for Soda Ash and Calcium Chloride manufacturing and supply. Soda Ash (Light and Dense) packaging includes both bulk shipment and 1.0-ton jumbo bags, and Calcium Chloride (Flakes and Granules) packaging is in 1.0-ton jumbo bags. InoChem’s commitment towards its customer satisfaction is demonstrated by establishing partnership with customers to provide them with high-quality and best-value products for their operational excellence, efficient supply chain, and sustainable growth, while also fostering healthy working relationships to expedite the efficiency and ease of the business processes.


The InoChem environmental management program has been developed to assure local and international regulatory requirements for environmental protection and sustainability. Environmental impact assessment is a program for continually establishing and updating the environmental baseline of the plant and to ensure all required mitigations and controls maintaining compliance with the environmental norms, requirements, and regulations.

Human Capital

Our Employees
InoChem’s Employees are the core of our business. They are the energy that drives our company forward and their commitment to excellence is our ultimate strength. We make every effort to attract, engage, motivate, and retain highly committed and performance-driven employees. The unique competencies and expertise of our employees are the main assets of InoChem. We depend on their performance and dedication to successfully deliver our business strategy and achieve our business objectives.

Culture of Diversity & Inclusion
We value the culture of diversity and inclusion, and we believe it enables us to accomplish our strategic goals for ongoing operations. Our employees possess diverse backgrounds, experience, and knowledge which help to unleash our full potential and contribute to our victories. We at InoChem keep our promise in providing equal opportunities for all employees regardless of any differences and offering a productive, secure, respectful, supportive, engaging, and non-discriminatory workplace where everyone can prosper.

Employee Education, Development, and Performance
As employees are our greatest investment, we invest in them and help unlock their fullest potential for peak performance. Personal growth and the development of our organization is a shared responsibility between the employee and his/her manager. We encourage continual improvement of our work processes as well as continuous development of our employees. We are a performance-based organization. We apply OGSM (Objectives, Goals, Strategies, Measures) to set InoChem’s annual business objectives, which then cascades down to generate employees’ annual workplans. This allows InoChem to evaluate employee performance and reward their contribution and achievements while identifying areas of improvement along with growth opportunities. Organization satisfaction and engagement is measured through an annual survey. We share the results with each InoChem employee individually, all results are analyzed, and then action plans are generated in order to sustain areas of satisfaction and work on areas of improvement. We make every effort to offer our employees opportunities for learning and development from their first day with InoChem.

Employee Health, Safety, and Wellness
InoChem is committed to always provide a safe, hazard-free, and healthy work environment for our employees. All employees, from the CEO to operators and contractors are held responsible for their actions at work. Employee health and safety is a fundamental principle at InoChem. We ensure maintaining a safe and healthy environment both on and off duty for our employees. Such assurance results in a very satisfied and engaged organization which leading to a significantly more productive culture. We believe that nothing is worth sustaining an injury and prohibit a culture of shortcuts. We celebrated 1 MM safe manhours in December 2020 and will continue to do so as we believe that even one workplace incident is intolerable. We believe in work-life effectiveness and balance as both are inseparable. This culture is being rewarded by our employees having almost a ZERO regrettable attrition and very high retention.