iktva 2023 Forum & Exhibition

February 2, 2023

InoChem’s participation in iktva (In-Kingdom Total Value Add) 2023, which is the main platform to maximize the localization, at “Dhahran Expo” was a great opportunity since we had the chance to explore different suppliers, discover new customers in different sectors that can add additional value and support to InoChem. We aimed to strengthen the localization efforts in the industrial and manufacturing areas that drive future prosperity and to increase the global competitiveness as well.

We, InoChem, aim to discover and establish long-term business relationship while remaining customer-focused and environmentally friendly to sustain maximum value for our customers, employees, shareholders, and community. Therefore, we are taking action to build and maintain superior and interdependent relationships with our stakeholders which will result in tangible benefits.

iktva is a Local Growth. Global Vision and such events cannot be missed!