Saudi Industrial Development Fund Meeting

June 4, 2023

A significant and productive meeting took place between Mr. Saeed Basmah, the Chairman of the Board, and Engineer Turki Al-Shehri, the CEO of InoChem, accompanied by several company officials, with His Highness Prince Sultan bin Khalid bin Faisal Al Saud, the CEO of the Saudi Industrial Development Fund. The meeting was held at the Fund’s headquarters in Riyadh, reflecting the importance of the discussions that took place.

The primary focus of the meeting was to provide a comprehensive overview of InoChem’s current operational phase. A detailed presentation was delivered, shedding light on InoChem’s esteemed clients, and emphasizing the targets set for its products. The objective was to showcase InoChem’s strong market position and its commitment to delivering high-quality products that meet the needs of its clients.

Moreover, the company’s current and future expansion plans and objectives were presented to the Fund. The participants discussed the strategic growth initiatives that InoChem is undertaking, highlighting its vision for scaling up operations while maintaining a sustainable and forward-thinking approach. These expansion plans underscore InoChem’s dedication to contributing to the economic development of the region and creating opportunities for employment and investment.

The meeting also provided an opportunity for the Fund to share its vision for enhancing the national industry. The Fund’s officials presented their strategic outlook and emphasized their commitment to supporting and promoting the growth of local industries. This aligns perfectly with InoChem’s objectives, as both parties recognize the importance of nurturing a thriving and self-reliant industrial sector within the Kingdom. By leveraging the strengths and expertise of both entities, they aim to contribute significantly to achieving the Kingdom’s broader vision of economic diversification and sustainable industrial development.

The meeting concluded on a positive note, with all participants expressing eagerness to further strengthen their collaboration and achieve shared goals. This fruitful dialogue between InoChem’s leadership and the Saudi Industrial Development Fund sets a solid foundation for future cooperation, driving innovation, economic growth, and the realization of the Saudi Vision 2023.