The Saudi Founding Day

February 22, 2023

Three Centuries of Proud & Glory

King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, issued a Royal Decree to commemorate the founding day annually on February 22nd, when Imam Muhammad bin Saud established the first Saudi state in 1139 AH / 1727 CE.

In this day, InoChem family team members proudly celebrate the foundingday, which represents the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s deep historical, civilizational, rich cultural roots, and heritage. The team members are celebrating this glory culture guided by the country vision as people feel inspired when believing and seeing that they can accomplish anything they envision. The story behind this culture came from our common and shared values; leadership, strong moral, integrity, generosity, authenticity, knowledge, bonding, mastery, and much more in which all remained integrated into our communities.

Everything starts with a vision. Successful visions arise from strong leaders, and since our values and vision have united us, in this special day, we recall the great memories and accomplishments of our past, and we are looking forward to our future business plans, achievements, and continuous success stories driven by Vision 2030. Therefore, we are all working towards our long term’s objective, goals and expectations that reflect our nation’s strength and capabilities.

InoChem wish all Saudi’s a happy celebration of the Saudi Founding Day, February 22nd, 2023!