Workshop at the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources

June 9, 2024

Introduce Tools for Promoting Fair Competition in the Industrial Sector

InoChem team members have attended a workshop organized by the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources at their headquarters in Riyadh. The workshop, titled “Tools for Promoting Fair Competition to Empower National Industry,” was attended by several investors and aimed to introduce tools that can contribute to raising the safety standards of industrial products and ensuring fair competition in local markets.

The workshop included an introduction to the industrial capabilities that help improve the competitiveness of national products, presented by the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources and supporting organizations, as well as a review of the “Saber” platform and the “Targeting Center” at the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization, and their role in auditing the quality of imports. Additionally, the workshop provided an overview of the “Unfair Competition Report Service” and its role in addressing the challenges of unfair competition in the industrial sector and opened a discussion about the most prominent challenges facing the industrial sector in this field. It’s worth noting that the “Unfair Competition Reporting Service” is an electronic service provided by the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources to enable industrial establishments to report instances of unfair competition, thereby promoting the principle of equal opportunities in the local market for all industrial products.