World Soda Ash Conference

October 10, 2023

InoChem’s CEO, Engineer Turki Al-Shehri, and the Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Maher H. Muqabqab, participated in the World Soda Ash Conference in Greece, Athena that focused on market dynamics, trends, demand and supply, market prices, challenges, and the role of Soda Ash in renewable energy and environmental applications. Soda ash is crucial in renewable energy technologies like solar panels, wind turbines, and energy storage systems. It also finds use in glass, detergents, and chemicals, highlighting its environmental significance.

During the conference, InoChem engaged with current and potential customers, strengthening relationships, and showcasing expertise. Discussions on market trends helped align strategies with evolving customer needs.

InoChem’s partnership with Chemical Market Analytics provided valuable market intelligence for decision-making and effective strategies.